You want to go shopping in the center of The Hague, so you take the car to be able to throw all your bags in the trunk. But parking in the center of The Hague is expensive, so it’s actually a waste of money. Can you park cheaper in The Hague?

Yes you can! The Consumers’ Association found out what the most expensive and cheapest parking places in 16 Dutch cities are.

Parking in the center

    It is nothing new that parking in the center of a city is more expensive than on the outskirts of the city. The Consumers’ Association finds out what the cheapest places are in the center. They compared the prices for this:

        On the street or parking lot in the center.

        In parking garage in the center.

          P+R (cost parking and/ or cost public transport return for two people).

          as the parking time .00 until 24.00 hours on Saturday. They also took into account day tickets and maximum daily rates. But how much do you pay exactly in The Hague?

          Most expensive and cheapest parking spaces in the center of The Hague:

          If you have a For a day of shopping, it is best to park on the edge of the center such as Piet Heinstraat or Koningskade. There you pay 07 euros per day. However, it is often difficult to find a spot on Saturdays. The cheapest parking garage is Parking Stadhuis. There you pay according to the consumer guide 18 euros per day. That price has now risen to 24 euros per day. If you want to be really cheap with parking, you can use P+R Hoornwijck. There you pay for a day’s parking and a return tram/bus 6 euros for two people.

          The most expensive and cheapest parking cities in the Netherlands

          Would you like to shop in another city, but not pay too much for parking? Then go to Alkmaar (3,37 euros) or Leeuwarden (3,24 euros) , because that’s where you pay the least to park on the street. And the most expensive city? You may think of Amsterdam, but nothing could be further from the truth. In Haarlem you pay at the cheapest place on the street 37,41 euros and is therefore the most expensive city from The Netherlands. In Amsterdam you are ‘but’ 24 lost euros.

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