The Chinese authorities have imposed a fine of approximately 1.2 billion euros on the taxi service Didi Global. The fine follows an investigation into the company’s data use.

Uber’s Chinese counterpart is alleged to have illegally collected personal data from users and violated competition rules. The investigation into those practices took more than a year.

China’s approach to Didi is part of a wider government campaign to curb the country’s powerful technology sector. For example, online store Alibaba was previously fined for abuse of power. The authorities also imposed fines of 1 million yuan (150. euros) each to Didi’s chairman Cheng Wei and president Jean Liu.

Yes / no to American stock exchange Didi came under fire from the Chinese authorities because the company decided to go public in June 2021 against Beijing’s wishes. Under pressure from the Chinese government, Didi has already decided to delist its listing in New York and is working on an IPO in Hong Kong.

Source: ANP

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