Extra petrol costs, higher supermarket prices, rising energy bills; many residents notice inflation in their wallets. Some may face payment arrears or even debts. You too? See here where in The Hague you can knock if you are short on cash.

Payment arrears, but no debts yet

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Not everyone who has payment arrears is directly in debt. But it is important to make a quick overview of finances, says Gabriëlla Bettonvilla of Nibud. “It is obvious, but people often forget that a financially healthy situation starts with a handy overview. What comes in per month, what goes out. Only after making an overview will you see hidden expenses. Maybe you often buy coffee to go or you have subscriptions to a gym in The Hague that you are not using.” You can often also make a payment arrangement with a company where you have payment arrears.

On the website

of Nibud there is a lot of information for residents who have payment arrears, but who (largely) want to solve this themselves. An example of this is a repayment plan, which is made based on your expenses.

What is Nibud again?

Nibud stands for ‘National Institute for Budget Information’. It is an independent knowledge and advice center that focuses on household finance. Nibud’s employees provide advice to companies, governments and residents themselves.

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Help from the municipality

Social workers

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Would you rather not talk to the municipality, but do you need help? Then you can contact a social worker. In The Hague you can think of the neighborhood centers. For example, they will check whether you are eligible for the food bank and together they will make an overview of local authorities that help you.

An overview of care providers can be found here.

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Legal counter

The legal counter can also help you if you have payment problems. You will find the legal counter in The Hague at Oranjebuitensingel 6. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays there is from 9am: until 11: hour walk-in consultation hours. The legal counter provides free advice to all residents. Click here for the website of the Legal Counter.

Sample letters

If you don’t have a lot of debt yet, but could use some support, you can You can find a lot of information on the website of the legal counter. Here you will find sample letters

that you can send to authorities to request a payment arrangement.

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