We have a search picture for you which you can also regularly perform live at the Hofvijver when the weather is nice. In the photo of this article (it is again at the bottom) you can spot a very special Hofvijver resident. Can you see it?

Between the junk that floats on the water surface of the Hofvijver near the Binnenhof you can see him/her swimming around in good weather: the Hofvijver turtle.


It takes a while to find the dead plants, feathers and snack waste, but at temperatures above 62 degrees the turtle comes to the water surface to enjoy the sun.

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Tip: At the top, almost in the middle you see the turtle.

Photo: indebuurt

Coming soon and then we spot him/her. Where does the turtle stay in bad weather? We think in the deeper parts and on the island. We also don’t know if there might be more turtles in the pond. Do you know more or do you have nice pictures? Mail them to us at


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