For an outing that you won’t soon forget, go to Remastered under the Erasmus Bridge. Not in The Hague, but definitely worth a visit. It is not a festival, cinema or amusement park, but a bit of all that. You walk out of the experience with the feeling as if you have been to a super cool concert. You want to experience this!

Remastered in short: various ‘new’ artists, designers and DJs breathe new life into existing works of art using projections, special effects and music. And that’s very cool!

Pixels and speakers

More than 1.000 square meter, 60 state-of-the-art beamers, 150 million pixels, 30 speakers, kilometers of cable and the largest indoor LED screen in Europe : that’s Remastered Rotterdam. Here the art of the old Dutch Masters such as Van Gogh and Mondrian comes to life, you dive into the ocean to swim with fish and float through a cloudy sky.


You probably think of a museum when you think of art, and you may not like that at all. At Remastered you will see art passing by, but really in a completely different way. CEO Ron van der Meer: “This attraction is not just for creative people, but really for everyone. Whether you are eight or eighty-eight years old. Everyone walks out of here with a surprised look, big smile and full of stories.”

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Screens and beats

At Remastered, the classic Dutch Masters come together with the new guard. The Netherlands can be proud of a number of top DJs and also of tech gurus who are stars in making beautiful computer games and 3D animations. They breathe new life into the work of the old masters and suck you into the screens, as it were.

At a festival you enjoy the music and cool light shows. Here it is the other way around: you are surrounded by images and cool beats make it complete.

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This attraction is also very nice to visit with school or as a company outing. Pupils and students come into contact with art in a new way and Remastered is the setting for a next level Friday afternoon snack. Ron: “Recently 150 business people who hardly knew each other had a company outing here. As they walked out, there was a noise of chatter, for everyone was full of what they had been through.” A good ice breaker!


You can just create a )buy a ticket for Remastered, go with your friends or family or as a group from 50 to 350 man. The attraction is suitable for anyone from eight to eighty-eight years old. Ron: “Yes, also for the older audience. A few weeks ago a grandmother of 50 with a walker celebrated her birthday here. Everyone loved it!”

Remastered has been open for a year now and has been open for over 100. people have been amazed here. Want to experience this too? Then book your tickets.

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