The dunes along the Strandweg, between the fish auction and the beach, have been excavated to a large extent. The entire Northern harbor head of Scheveningen is being tackled, but what will happen here? Will the dune come back? We’ll find out:

The Northern harbor head of Scheveningen is being completely redesigned. A new hotel has already been opened (Marina Beach hotel) and new kiosks will be built, the rescue company will get a new place next to the fish auction and hotel apartments will be built.


The dunes along the beach road have been excavated, because there will be a large parking garage with 840 spots. A new dune landscape will be built on top of the garage with pavilions for shops and restaurants and a viewpoint on the roof. In addition, holiday apartments will be built between the hotel and the parking garage, with space underneath for shops and restaurants.

Probably all of this area is in 232442 off.

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