Villa Sandhaghe, one of the most beautiful and largest villas in the Van Stolkpark on Scheveningen, has a special history. During the Second World War it was a headquarters of the German Navy.

In in the Scheveningen residential area, one building stands head and shoulders above the rest. Villa Sandhaghe is slightly more impressive than its neighbours, especially because of the large golden fence that surrounds the high villa.

World War II

Villa Sandhaghe on Hogeweg , was in 1944 on the highest point of the Van Stolkpark built. During the Second World War, this house, along with a number of other buildings in the area, was requisitioned by the German occupiers. The buildings became the headquarters of the ‘Fürher der Schnellboote’, the German navy.

From April 1942 from here the German officer Rudolf Petersen commanded fourteen flotillas (formation of small warships that can form part of a larger fleet) of eight motor torpedo boats and one ship, which operate from, among others, Rotterdam.


A tunnel connected the villa with the Belvedere dune, where seven meters below the ground was a command post. Around the house were four small bunkers for anti-aircraft fire.

When the headquarters in November 1942 was moved to Germany, the Seekommandant Mittelholland took the complex into use.

The bunkers have now largely disappeared and the building has been widely used as business premises for, among others, a broker and foundations. The national monument is currently in use as a home and a company providing study counseling.

Source: Municipality of The Hague,

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