The large gray building where Priba used to be will soon be demolished. You probably know the building from the large street art artwork on the side (Raamstraat) and shops such as Zeeman, Bristol and T-Mobile. It will be demolished before the end of the year. However, many entrepreneurs and staff members in the building do not yet know where to go.

In January of this year it was announced that the well-known Priba building between the Grote Marktstraat and the Vlamingstraat will be demolished

to make way for such a building. n homes and new retail properties.

Demolish those Priba

There will soon be a nicer building with a lot of living space for the city center. The large, gray block will be a brick building with plenty of space for greenery. Soon there will be room again for a number of shops and the bicycle shed will also be returned.

Only part of the Priba building is currently being used. The ground floor is used for shops, as is a part on the first floor (that’s where Bristol is located). The cellar is also partly in use, namely by Biesieklette. According to the municipality, the building will be demolished in the fourth quarter of this year. But where do all those shops go?

Where is Zeeman going?

Since from the last quarter of this year (October to December ) is being demolished, we want to know where we can find stores such as Bristol and Zeeman. Are they leaving the city center? We visited the shops that rent a place in the Priba building.

The staff at Zeeman let us know that they will be leaving soon, but whether the shop will also be given a new place in the center? “We hope so, but a lot is still unclear. We have heard that the first stores will leave at the beginning of October, but we have not yet heard what will happen.”

I have more Haven’t heard anything about it, so our store will remain open for the time being. I don’t know anything.

Other shops do not let us know yet whether they will stay in the city center and when they may (have to) leave. The staff at Kruidvat do not yet know what will happen to them. “There are already two shops in town, so who knows, maybe we can go there. We don’t know when we close yet.

A contract extension has just been signed at Bristol. “If it’s up to us, we’ll just stay, I haven’t heard anything about a departure or move and the contract was extended very recently,” the store manager says. “I haven’t heard anything about it yet, so our store will remain open for the time being. I don’t know anything.”

Response from the developer

Halfway 2022 the new building should standing there. Simon de Roo of project team Priba The Hague informs us: “From our first intention to redevelopment, we have sought contact with shopkeepers’ associations, residents’ associations and the immediate vicinity. This includes the sitting tenants.

From the moment the plans became more concrete, discussions are also taking place with all sitting tenants. In the case of a chain, these discussions take place with the head office. We also have contact with entrepreneurs and residents from the immediate vicinity. We receive support for the plans there, but of course there are concerns about the construction period. We are in talks to pick up concerns. So that we can include this in the construction planning.

It is important to us that we include all parties as closely as possible in the developments of the former Priba department store. For planning purposes, the environmental permit has yet to be obtained. Indeed, it is expected that construction work can begin in the fourth quarter of 2022. The municipality also informs us that the plans to start the demolition in the last quarter have not changed.


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