You are lucky enough to score a beautiful apartment right in the center of The Hague. Tinka Weener from The Hague managed it. Nearby took a look.

A bar in the shop window

Tinka’s house is located on the street, in the middle of the city, a few steps from the Grote Markt. “I have lived here for two years now. I work a lot in Los Angeles, but as a real Hague resident I like to come back here.”

When you step into the house, you immediately bump into the large bar with kitchen. “You can also see that bar when you look through the window or when the front door is open in the summer. So it has happened regularly that someone walks into my house because they think it is a bar or restaurant here,” says Tinka. “The solution is that with the push of a button, I can now make my windows opaque. ideal.”

The wine cellar is particularly striking. “Cool huh? It comes up with a push of a button with a kind of elevator.”

Photo: indebuurt

Photo: indebuurt