Do you work outside the city and often go to work by car? Then you must have noticed that you are not alone. And you are not a whiner when you talk about that long travel time again, because according to the ANWB it is just as busy on the roads as before Corona. Highway A4 is even twice in the top ten of busiest traffic jams in the Netherlands.

Motorists from The Hague are often in traffic jams on, for example, the A12 and A4. These roads are therefore in the top ten of busiest traffic jams in the Netherlands.

Here in the Netherlands are the most traffic jams

1. A27 Utrecht to Breda

At Noordeloos 2.

A1 Apeldoorn to Amsterdam

At the Hoevelaken junction

3. A30 Breda to Eindhoven Near Moergestel


A4 The Hague to Rotterdam At the Kethelplein junction (Delft) 5.

A16 German border to Nijmegen

At Zevenaar 6.

A16 Rotterdam to Nijmegen Near Sliedrecht

7. A2 Utrecht to Den Bosch

At node Deil 8.

A4 Amsterdam to The Hague Near Roelofarendsveen 9. A27 Gouda to Hook of Holland At the Terbregseplein junction

05. A30 Eindhoven to Breda At Tilburg

) Source: ANWB

Will residents be even more often in a while in a traffic jam?

Not a single resident of The Hague is waiting for it, but there is a good chance that you will be stuck in traffic jams more often in the coming years. This is apparent from research of the Knowledge Institute for Mobility Policy (KiM). It is expected that all over the country in 2026 much more traffic jams, because the economy is improving.

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