It was a big shock, especially for regular beachgoers, when the play boat was removed from Kijkduin and could not be returned. The thing turned out to be far too dangerous. Fortunately, the playboat is now back on the design plan!

The makeover van Kijkduin is heading in the right direction. It is cozy at the (new) beach bars and the ice cream parlors are working overtime. In addition, there is still hard work, because the shopping center is not yet finished.


Playboat Atlantis is one of the icons from seaside resort Kijkduin. Many local residents played it as children. At the end of October, the Atlantis was towed away. Then it turned out that the ship, after all those years of loyal service, was no longer safe to play on. Fortunately, it is now in the plans that a new play boat will be built.

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Design Kijkduin. Municipality of The Hague


For a while there was the plan to place a large teapot in the place of the lighthouse. We don’t know if this was really a design or a joke. However, the plan was soon shelved. The original lighthouse will simply return and the merry-go-round will continue to entertain children at Kijkduin.

Probably new Kijkduin in the summer of 2024 completely off.

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