The Tax and Customs Administration has followed the correct procedures when dealing with taxi platform Uber. So says State Secretary Marnix van Rij of Finance, who does want to investigate the matter further.

According to Van Rij, the Tax and Customs Administration has told him that the procedures have been followed after revelations from investigative journalists about the agency’s close ties with. “I will investigate this further. I will report that to our parliament”, said Van Rij at a meeting in Brussels on European tax policy.

According to the investigative journalists, the Tax and Customs Administration has shared confidential information with Uber. The service would also have warned the company about information requests from abroad and the company would have been given ample time to get its act together before information requests were met.

The Netherlands has a ‘certain reputation’ “I always take these kinds of publications very seriously. And I don’t immediately go on the defense,” said Van Rij. He acknowledged that the Netherlands had “a certain reputation” in the past when it came to tax avoidance. But he told his audience that under the second Rutte cabinet there has been a “turnaround” in Dutch tax policy and that measures have been and are being taken against tax avoidance.

Source: ANP

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