The Zuiderparktheater is the only open-air theater in South Holland. During the summer holidays there is a free program for children on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for six weeks.

There is a-you-see-what-is-on-the-spot to-do is a daily schedule with sports, performances, workshops, dances and more.

Holiday park

Every week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday there are free activities from 07.00 until 18. hour. You can take a ride in a Ferris wheel of hammocks, learn to paint, play sports, Tiktokken, soccer and music.

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Every Tuesday they end the day with a children’s disco, on Wednesdays there is lunch and on Thursdays there is live music.

Would you like to know in advance what there is to do? Then view the agenda of the Zuiderparktheater, this event is called Vakantiepark.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 14 July, is the performance Kubus Kubus Kubus by Yalla Yalla. You can see this at 11. hours and at 13. hour, the show lasts one hour and is for children aged 3 and older. Reservations can be made via the website.

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