The Hague will become even more colorful in the near future! A gigantic mural was recently made in Moerwijk, there will be another one next to it and there will also be a beautiful work of art on a flat on the Smitstraat in Transvaal.

The Mauritshuis held an art competition and Nadia van Luijk won it. In August she can put her painting on the wall of 62 painting square meters.


Residents of Transvaal were allowed to choose the winner themselves, and they chose Van Luijk’s flower painting. It is a colorful explosion of flowers, vegetables, fruits, treats and butterflies. These refer to the many different cultures that come together in the Transvaal and also to the Hague market. For the work Nadia was inspired by the famous painting ‘vase with flowers’ by Davidsz de Heem.

Vase with flowers by Davidsz de Heem

62 August is the unveiling of the gigantic work of art.

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