Shopping is the best in The Hague. Whether it’s the daily shopping in Mariahoeve or scoring a new outfit in the city centre; you are in the right place in The Hague. But sometimes you also miss something.

On our call ‘What would you want to change the shopping centers in our city?’, which we shared on Facebook

received a lot of reactions. We have listed the most striking ones for you.

We miss this

Tim, Albietje and Roos would like to see more diversity in supermarkets: ‘You almost trip over the Appies’. Marjolein misses a Lidl in Mariahoeve and Wilma would like to open one in the center.

Mia misses an affordable flower shop in the center and preferably a flower stall on the Grote Marktstraat. According to Ingrid, there may be a stop at hairdressers in Loosduinen. Marleen misses the Free Record Shop and Roel also misses the music shops, especially a nice record store.

Public toilets

‘More benches to sit comfortably’, thinks Odette. Sanne, Albietje, Emilie, Maaike and Michel are eager for public toilets. Yvonne would like to see these appear specifically in Leidschenveen and Ypenburg, Marco on the Leyweg and Ingrid in the center.

Anne thinks that cheaper rents in particular will help to create more diversity (of small businesses) in the shopping centers in The Hague. to get. Lia is thinking of free parking.

We were still looking for a lot more ahead of you…

Here you can fill your empty bottle with nice cooling water for free

Pff what a heat huh? One is happy with it, the other less so. But anyway…

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