Many FNV members who fall under the Collective Labor Agreement for Care Transport & Taxi have quite a bit of month left at the end of their money, as a result of which they can no longer do a number of activities, such as sports. FNV asks its members to increase the pressure and sign a petition, because ’employers are not prepared to implement improvements because there would be no room for that’.

Every day, employees are committed to clients in healthcare transport. They do this indispensable work with pride and passion, but under poor working conditions. FNV is aiming for a wage increase, so that employees in this sector receive at least a living salary of 14 euros per hour plus general price compensation. “Working in taxi and healthcare transport is indispensable and responsible work. Without us, a large group of people would be at home and children would not come to school. This great responsibility must also be properly rewarded.”

Flexibility More and more flexibility is demanded from employees in this sector, who often work when others are free: evenings, weekends and holidays. “Flexibility is part of the job. A good reward for that too. That is why we want special allowances for special work. Because flexibility cannot only come from the employee’s side,” said the union, which wants to further eliminate the waiting day in the event of illness, which the FNV calls unacceptable and disrespectful. Furthermore, agreements must be made about ‘max/flex’, which includes continued payment in the event of illness.

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