It is never quiet at the Haags Dierencentrum. The dogs and cats that are cared for there prefer to have their own home with a nice family as soon as possible. Unfortunately, some critters have extensive instructions for use, Daks does not. This 2-year-old male loves everyone.

Daks has been on it for two months now the shelter and hooray, he can look for a home!


“We got to know him as a jovial boy, who likes to be petted and cuddled. He gets along well with other cats, which makes the search a little easier,” said an employee of the shelter. Daks still has a wish, namely that there is a garden at his future home. He loves to go outside and often sits in front of the window.

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Daks. Photo The Hague Zoo

Do you own a house with a garden and you happen to be looking for a cozy cuddly hangover? Look at

on the website of the Hague animal center,

fill in the form under ‘Contact us’ and make an appointment with Daks!

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