Tapas and pinchos, those are the ingredients of this new tapas restaurant. After an intensive renovation, tapas club Moya has opened in a beautiful building on the corner of the Plein. We stopped by to taste a few dishes from the menu.

Enjoy the Mediterranean with tapas and pincho

The restaurant, which has a large sunny terrace, serves classic Southern European dishes with a trip to South America. You can order Spanish snacks here for a drink or as a starter. You will also find dishes such as paella and pulpo con chorizo ​​and tortilla con trufa on the menu; to share as a full dinner with your table companions.

The menu is a mix of accessible and luxurious dishes and is less suitable for children. The drinks menu is for a large part also Southern European; many Spanish and Portuguese wines and you can order jugs of Sangria. It may also be nice to know that a distinction is made on the cocktail menu between high alcohol and low alcohol.

Oysters with tiger milk

We let ourselves be surprised and we soon get Pimientos de Padron (7 euros) on the table and oysters with tiger milk, mango and chili pepper (03 euro). This afternoon couldn’t start better! Then the other tapas follow; almejas with vongole, tomato, garlic and chili (12,75 euros), gambas picante 03,12 euros (large shrimps in chilli garlic oil) and finally ceviche caballa 12,75 euros (mackerel, sweet potato, corn, coriander and red onion). The dishes are tasty, with many different flavors that go well together.

Restaurant Moya.Foto indebuurt
Restaurant Moya.Photo nearby


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