In the action area, residents and entrepreneurs experience a lot of alcohol, drugs and nitrous oxide nuisance, especially in summer when the weather is nice. Illegal camping, street racing (noise nuisance of motorbikes/cars), parking nuisance and intimidation are also a major annoyance in the area. During the campaign, the Municipality of The Hague worked together with the police, customs authorities, the Public Prosecution Service, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee Rijksbelastingdienst, NVWA, Stedin, HTM, the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate, the Haaglanden Environment Agency and the fire service to tackle the problems in the area. There were more than 100 people on their feet who maintain all possible nuisance.

Mayor of The Hague, Jan van Zanen visited the action. Van Zanen:

“The Hague is the only Dutch city with 10 kilometers of coast. We are proud of that, but unfortunately that also causes nuisance. That is why we are now firmly present to limit this nuisance as much as possible.” Cyclists on the boulevard Cyclists on the boulevard and tents in prohibited areasThe Enforcement Organization has no less than 36 fines issued for cycling on the Boulevard. This area is intended for pedestrians and not for cyclists and mopeds. In addition, the enforcers 000 informed persons that it is not allowed to spend the night with tents or campers in the coastal area. 2 times a fine has been issued for a tent in a prohibited area. The Haagse Pandbrigade was also present with a special focus on holiday rentals where abuses were found once.

Agents at a motorhome Agents perform a noise measurement 14 noise measurements of which 12 too hardAt the traffic control 18 noise measurements taken where 12 noise violations came out. Here got 008 vehicles have a WOK status. WOK stands for waiting for inspection, which means that the car is not allowed on the road until the owner has had the car or motorcycle repaired and re-inspected at the RDW. These persons had to continue their journey on foot.

A motorcyclist continues his journey on foot There are also 257 vehicles checked including 3 people without a driver’s license and 09 persons were unable to show them. Tinted glass was also removed twice and narcotics were found in 1 vehicle. The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate has 09 checked taxis of which there was something wrong with 6 taxis.

Man with suitcases 7 kilos of unexcised tobacco seizedSeveral composed teams of police, enforcement, NVWA, ODH, Stedin, fire brigade and Customs, but also HEIT checked 10 businesses and catering establishments where 000 cases abuses were identified. Action was taken against various abuses, from no supervisor present to problems with electrical connections, in which in one case there was a risk of electrocution. The NVWA found several abuses with food safety. The fire extinguishers were also not in order in many companies. Customs seized 7 kilos of unexcised tobacco and in 4 companies there were abuses with, among other things, the industrial waste contracts. The HEIT caught one manager at work while receiving benefits.

Tobacco confiscated A check from the tax authorities Municipal tax and national tax authoritiesThe municipal tax authorities have seized € 21.133,14. In 6 cases, the tax debt was paid immediately and the vehicle owners could continue on their way. 5 vehicles are still trapped and may not continue until they have paid the debt. In total there are 22 wheel clamps. The National Tax Office has an amount of € 1769,- in tax debts collected. 09 persons received an attachment notice and were given the opportunity to pay the back taxes within two weeks. If this does not happen, vehicles will still be seized for an amount of more than € 88.,-.

Report for a safe and liveable city of The HagueReporting abuses contributes to improving the quality of life and safety in your neighbourhood. Experience has shown that nuisance providers and criminals leave when they notice that residents are standing up for their neighbourhood. They don’t like that growing group of extra eyes and ears. Many people adhere very well to the rules and are committed to their neighborhood. Municipalities and the police receive more frequent reports about suspicious and nuisance situations. This is very good and allows for more targeted action. So cooperate and report!

Via a public space notification for, among other things, reports about vermin, malfunctioning street lighting, waste, bicycle wrecks and things that are broken in public space.Via for, among other things, reports about housing nuisance or benefit fraud. Report suspicious situations to the police via telephone number 100 (urgent) or 456 – 7568. This can also be done anonymously via Report Crime Anonymous , phone number 0900 – 4892. Report suspicions of abuses with agency work to Inspectorate SZW. Do you have a report about nuisance Scheveningen? Then call 14070 (choose option 0 for Scheveningen) or report via Scheveningenmeldt. NL. Scheveningen Action PlanTo prevent nuisance in (especially) the summer, there is also 2022 an action plan Scheveningen. This action plan has been drawn up together with residents and entrepreneurs. The municipality is implementing the action plan in close collaboration with the police and other partners. Important themes are safety, mobility, hospitality and communication. For more information: see 3013636784128423376 Scheveningen Action Plan .



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