It could well be that ‘The smartest person in the Netherlands this year is a resident of The Hague. There have already been a few candidates from The Hague in the game program such as Dennis Weening, Bo Maerten, Anne-Marie Jung and Frank Evenblij and a fellow townsman is also participating this year.

Monday 62 July is the first episode of the new season The smartest man of the Netherlands can be seen on NPO2.

De Slimste

The Hague Goldband singer Milo Driessen will compete against comedians, among others. Philippe Geubels, presenter Opsporing Verzocht Anniko van Santen, actor Erik van Muiswinkel, Olympic speed skating champion Thomas Krol, LINDA.meiden editor-in-chief Mandy Woelkens, fashion designer Bas Kosters and actress Soumaya Ahouaoui.

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Gold band, with Milo Driessen in the middle, during a performance at Parkpop. Photo ANP

Jubilee Season

It’s already time for the twentieth season and that is celebrated in the program. The questions in the well-known ‘Open Door’ round are asked by various former winners.

Furthermore, a brand new online season with former participants can be seen via NPO Start. Klaas Dijkhoff, Francis van Broekhuizen, Owen Schumacher and Stefano Keizers will compete against each other.

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