The new Gelderse bus stop taxi service RRReis had to contend with some start-up problems after its launch. According to the province of Gelderland, the situation has since improved. Because use is still disappointing, the province will soon start a marketing campaign to increase awareness of the shared taxi.

The new bus stop taxi started on 3 April as a successor to the public transport safety net that the municipalities provided for this in combination with target group transport. At the beginning of last year, the provincial government decided to continue to offer shared taxi transport, but in an improved form under the name haltetaxiRRReis, as a flexible addition to public transport. It is intended as a facility for pre and post transport. The bus stop must offer an alternative if walking or cycling is not possible.

The name of the new bus stop is in line with RRReis, the name under which public transport is offered in Gelderland, Flevoland and Overijssel. . Mobility company Qarin has been chosen after a tender for the execution of the transport, the ride acceptance, the planning and the monitoring. The flexible shared taxi does not run according to a timetable, but can be booked in various ways: via the RRReis travel planner or app, via 9292 or by telephone.

Connection to 9292 At the moment there are about fifty users of the bus stop, says a spokeswoman for the province of Gelderland. That number is not yet at the level that was expected because the reservation system was not yet working optimally. “That has to do with the connection to the platform 9292. That integration was delayed. That is now better and then marketing can also start and we can give it more publicity”, according to the spokeswoman.

According to her, the travelers who use RRReis are satisfied with the new service.

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