The four Kempen municipalities of Bergeijk, Bladel, Reusel-De Mierden and Eersel have recently given Willemsen-de Koning notice of default due to dissatisfaction with the quality of the current student transport. Alderman Frank Rombouts of the municipality of Reusel-De Mierden reported this earlier this week in a council meeting.

The alderman answered questions from the full council. Several groups had received complaints from parents of children who use the student transport. Students would often be picked up and dropped off late without parents being informed that the driver is late. As a result, parents are repeatedly forced to help themselves, when it is actually not convenient. The councilors also heard that the drivers were often late because they had to come from a great distance and therefore regularly get stuck in traffic jams.

New carrier after the summer Because a different transport company has been chosen after a tender from the new school year, the municipal council of the college mainly wants to know how this wants to prevent the same problems from occurring at the new transport company.

“It’s a sad situation. We have been working on it for months,” said alderman Frank Rombouts. In response to the complaints, the municipality already sent a notice of default to the current carrier Willemsende Koning at the beginning of June. Eersel, Bladel and Bergeijk did the same. Later that month, there was a meeting between the responsible aldermen of the four municipalities and the transport company. Since then, there has been weekly consultation between municipal officials with the company in order to monitor progress and solve new problems more quickly.

Since the municipality has taken action, alderman Rombouts van Reusel- The Mierden did see a slight decrease in the complaints. “But it’s not zero yet. We stay on top of it. Through the weekly consultation we try to increase the pressure.”

Financial claims parents The municipality is further from plan to recover the parents’ financial claims against the transportation company. If that is not possible, De Reusel-De Mierden will consider compensating the parents. Rombouts: “We don’t think it’s right that parents are at the bar for this. It is a task that the municipality must carry out or finance.”

The alderman only wanted to discuss the current situation in the council meeting. The city council will receive a letter from him containing more information about what the council has agreed with the new transporter Taxibedrijf van der Wijst from Bladel.

In the municipality of Bladel, the city council passed a motion earlier this year. adopted with the initiative to conduct a biennial satisfaction survey among students (and their parents) who use student transport.

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