Amstelveen recently imposed a fine of 2000 euros per month on Maasstad Regie Centrale (MRC) because the municipality, despite an earlier the carrier’s improvement plan is still dissatisfied with the way in which WMO transport is carried out. If no further improvement occurs, the municipality is considering legal action against the company. MRC says that after start-up problems, the transport is now well on its way, which would also appear from a latest report.

The municipal council reports the fine in response to questions from the Civic Interests Amstelveen (BBA) group. In April, the municipal council itself sounded the alarm because of the many complaints about the new carrier that started on January 1 of this year in Amstelveen and Aalsmeer after a joint tender from both municipalities. Residents who rely on social assistance transport mainly complained that they had to wait an hour or more before being picked up. Communication about delays also left a lot to be desired.

Not satisfied yet MRC was subsequently imposed an ultimatum from both municipalities to come up with an improvement plan. That plan has since been drawn up and the councilors of BBA in Amstelveen asked a few weeks ago whether the announced measures had already led to a decrease in complaints. The municipal council said in a letter last Tuesday that there is indeed progress, but that it is still not satisfied. “The biggest and most worrisome problem is getting enough qualified staff,” said the college of mayor and aldermen. The municipal council also writes that it still receives too many complaints about the late pick-up and drop-off of users of the social assistance taxi.

In the improvement plan, MRC has announced measures such as the deployment of extra vehicles and personnel. , allowing employees to work longer hours, more cooperation with other carriers, smarter planning of journeys and properly informing customers about delays. Improvements have also been made at the customer contact center and a booking app has been introduced.

Award requirements The BBA council has the impression that the In the tender process, the municipality of Amstelveen mainly looked at price and too much too little at quality. The city council disputes that. “The request for quotation 10 includes requirements. Part of it monitors the quality of transport. By setting quality requirements as criteria for registration, it was not necessary to award separately for quality”, says the commission.

Also the requirement that the carrier must be in possession of a TX- The municipal council sees the quality mark as an extra guarantee for quality.

Aalsmeer The tender documents show that Amstelveen in the joint tender for Amstelveen and Aalsmeer indeed did not use a weighting model in which price and quality counted for a certain percentage. Tenderers had to meet all 10 criteria. Parties that met this were eligible for assessment based on the lowest rate. The lowest bidder would be awarded the contract, unless several parties had offered the same low rate in their tender. In that case, a lottery would be drawn.

The municipal council in Aalsmeer, like that in Amstelveen, recently informed the city council that it was not yet satisfied with WMO transport and that it was considering legal action. if the agreements in the contract are not fulfilled.

‘Wmo transport is now well on track’ In a In response to the reports from both municipalities, MRC director Sjaak de Winter says that after a difficult start-up period, a lot has changed for the better. “We are pleased that, after initial problems, we now have WMO transport in Amstelveen and Aalsmeer properly back on track. The number of complaints has fallen substantially, accessibility has improved considerably and journeys are carried out much more punctually.”

There is always room for improvement, says De Winter. “But we are especially pleased that the customers are now regaining their confidence and are also complimenting the improvements. Employees on behalf of Amstelveen and Aalsmeer have seen all the progress with us and are positive about these developments. Fines that are imposed are the result of contractual agreements and agreements must be complied with. So we understand that, but that in itself is not an incentive for us to do our best. Delivering a good performance is what we commit ourselves to on a daily basis and we strive to do this to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.”

Earlier this week, MRC submitted an up-to-date report to the municipality of Amstelveen from which all improvements become clear. A spokesperson for the municipality confirmed receipt of that report. He says that Amstelveen will look at it and then re-evaluate WMO transport.

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