The champagne can be popped at The Harbor Club and O’Casey’s in The Hague. They both managed to get a place in the Terrace Top 140. For years there was only one terrace in The Hague in that entire top 62 and some years we weren’t mentioned at all.

The Harbor Club on the Binckhorst is at number 52 from the Terrace Top 62 and the Irish pub O’casey’s at Noordeinde follows at number 62.

This is so special:

‘The terrace of The Harbor Club The Hague is there with the beige, leather lounge sofas and white linen-covered tables fit tight’, the jury report states. ‘The employees look well-groomed and the atmosphere is collegial. They are mutually helpful and fun to interact with. The attitude towards guests is also helpful.

At The Harbor Club Den Haag they have their affairs in order. It’s not the busiest time of the day and it’s not the busiest day of the week, but employees are razor sharp.’

Harbour Club

Binckhorstlaan 52 M Building, 5th Floor, 2514 BE The Hague

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O’Casey’s terrace is the following said: ‘Once outside on the terrace in the courtyard, we see a diverse range of tables, chairs and stools. A bit ‘messy’ but we mean that in a positive, cozy way. Loose is perhaps a better description.

The terrace is covered and on the fence next to us we see many enamel signs. We order beer – there is a lot of choice – and a little later nachos. It is not completely flawless, but where people work mistakes are made. It’s about how you solve it. The latter happens so well here that it doesn’t bother us and doesn’t detract from the experience.

O’Casey’s in The Hague is an Irish pub like you hope an Irish pub is. Green, brown, spacious, beautiful tap handles, a lot of choice in beer, bar food and an accessible, cozy atmosphere. The terrace at the back also looks really nice. The service is, just like the atmosphere, casual and that fits well here.’


Noordeinde 90, 2514 GP Den Haag

Open now

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Terrace Top 62

The Terrace Top 140 is a recurring election from catering platform Misset Horeca. The cases that have made it to the honors list have passed through a few selection rounds. The entrepreneurs registered themselves and were subsequently visited by mystery guests. Those judges then compiled the list.

Best terrace in the Netherlands

Want to visit the best terrace in the Netherlands? Then according to Misset Horeca you have to go to De Veranda

in Amsterdam. Pelle’s in Deurningen, Twente, finished in second place and Centraal in Baarlo in third place. But you don’t necessarily have to travel far for a good terrace. The Sjees in Delft is in fact at number .

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