Foundation Buzz010 has again awarded the transport of students and supervisors within the Rotterdam region to Nooteboom Tours for the coming years. Buzz organizes short excursions to all kinds of educational destinations in the area, such as museums, theatres, gardens, art institutions and petting zoos. The students are taken there by bus and picked up again.

The duration of the contract is two years with an option to extend for another three times a year . There were three tenderers for the contract. The choice ultimately fell on Nooteboom. Buzz gave the most weight to quality in the tendering procedure. That criterion applied to 30 percent. Price counted for 30 percent.

New Experiences The starting point of Buzz010 is to allow children in primary education to gain new experiences outside of school with all kinds of excursions in Rotterdam and the surrounding area. The students go there by bus. Buzz arranges bus transport for the schools and has a contract with a transport company – Nooteboom – to carry out the trips.

Buzz is paid for by the municipality of Rotterdam, the participating school boards and Stichting De Verre Bergen, a social organization. Since the school year 2018/2019 Buzz30 can be used.


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