Do you still have an old central heating boiler, bicycle or radiator, but you don’t know what to do with it? Before you call the bulky waste: the men of Jobo Metaal on the Westvlietweg 35Q are happy to take over your scrap iron and metal from you and give you money for it. They are known as a reliable and professional iron collector in The Hague. If you hand in your old iron here, you also help the environment, how beautiful is that?

Jobo Metaal has been known for a number of years as a reliable iron collector and recycles just about anything made from scrap iron and metal.

Highest price for your metal

Jobo’s employees say: “We weigh everything on tested and calibrated weighing systems such as a weighbridge, and depending on the material (copper is more valuable than aluminum for example) the price is determined.” Good to know: in general you get the highest price in The Hague for your metal here.

Do you need a container or box truck? Jobo also arranges this for private individuals. If you live nearby, Jobo will deliver it to you personally. Nice: there is no minimum weight that you have to bring in.

Eventually all the collected metal goes to a metal processing company, where it is recycled.

Knowing more?

Are you curious about the most current scrap price and what you can earn with your scrap metal? Jobo is happy to tell you: call or Whats App to 35 79 64 or send an email to

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