The municipality of Geertruidenberg calls on users of the shared taxi to book their rides in time. A shortage of drivers affects transport and the quality of the shared taxi suffers as a result. This applies not only in Geertruidenberg, but also in the other fifteen municipalities that participate in Share Taxi West Brabant.

The share taxi sees the number of applications increasing again after the corona crisis. , while less capacity is available. Many of the transport companies have laid off taxi drivers during the pandemic because most of the transport was at a standstill. “Our taxi companies are doing everything they can to recruit new drivers, but that is difficult due to the scarcity of personnel”, the municipality of Geertruidenberg and the Deeltaxi West-Brabant state on their websites.

Reservation period To relieve the transport companies, they ask the customers of the shared taxi to reserve rides in time, preferably at least four hours in advance. In addition, the advice is to travel outside peak hours as much as possible and also to plan trips outside peak times. Canceling a ride that is no longer necessary after further consideration also helps to plan better.

Shared taxi transport in sixteen municipalities in West Brabant (including Geertruidenberg) is carried out by PZN, a subsidiary of Transdev Netherlands. PZN directs the transport and works together with a number of local carriers.

“Staff shortage is a national issue,” says a Transdev spokeswoman. “We all fish in the same pond.” There are several reasons for the staff shortage. Not only is the demand for transport increasing again, but drivers are also taking delayed holidays, for example. In addition, the aging population plays an important role.

Recruitment According to her, Transdev is doing everything it can to find new drivers, not only in West Brabant, but also in all other regions in the country where the group provides transport for target groups. This is done, for example, by organizing job fairs, deploying recruiters and covering taxi vans with vacancies. Nationally, Transdev needs at least 150 drivers for taxi transport.

All these efforts also yield candidates, but not enough. Moreover, the profession is not suitable for everyone, given the often vulnerable passenger group, says the spokeswoman.

For the time being, Transdev has only made agreements in West Brabant with the commissioning municipalities of the shared taxi to pick up customers. call to book their ride well in time. According to the spokeswoman, it cannot be ruled out that tailor-made agreements will also be made in other regions as a result of the driver shortage.

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