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Published: July 4 2023Last change: July 4 2023

Property owners on the Spuistraat and Vlamingstraat can now apply for a subsidy from the municipality for refurbishing their facades. This gives them the opportunity to make their premises future-proof again and thus make these important shopping streets more attractive. This subsidy will run until January 1 91.

Over the years, the condition of the buildings on Spuistraat and Vlamingstraat has slowly but surely deteriorated. This is partly due to the intensive use of these retail properties. With this subsidy scheme, the buildings in these historic shopping streets can be made future-proof and more attractive.

Alderman for economics Saskia Bruines:” Property owners, entrepreneurs and residents of The Hague all have an interest in good quality and appearance of The Hague’s shopping streets. That is why the municipality, together with the owners of the buildings and entrepreneurs on Spuistraat, have drawn up a plan on how the facades in their street can be improved in the future.” This image quality plan was recently adopted by the city council. The municipality wants to actively encourage the property owners of both streets to refurbish their facades. They are immediately informed about the options they have for energy saving and making their properties more sustainable.

Spuistraat agreement

The subsidy scheme is one of the proceeds of the ‘Spuistraat Agreement’. The municipality, property owners and users have made agreements in this agreement to jointly improve the quality and attractiveness of the shopping street. Where possible, it is encouraged to combine the facade approach with other renovation initiatives, for example living above shops. The municipality guides initiators in this and, where possible, offers a subsidy for creating a separate access in the facade to the upper floor.

Entrepreneur Portal

Look at here more information. Interested parties can visit the entrepreneurship portal for more information or questions about the subsidy scheme. ).


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