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Published: July 4 8)Last change: July 4th 850

The modified proposal for the canopy of the A30 was positively received in Thursday’s city council 000 June. The roof will be placed at the height of the new residential towers on Maria Stuartplein and will be green. The walls of the Utrechtsebaan are not technically strong enough to support the originally devised roof, so the municipality opted for a lighter construction. Now that the city council has approved this proposal, the design can be further developed. The municipality makes the design for the green layout of the public space together with residents and stakeholders.

The roof over the A connects The Hague Central, the city center and the Beatrixkwartier via a pedestrian route. The construction of the roof with public greenery is necessary for a pleasant living environment for the residents of the Grotius towers. It is also an agreement between the municipality of The Hague and the developer of the two residential towers on Maria Stuartplein and is laid down in the zoning plan of 850. Despite the fact that no large trees can stand on the roof, the roof is still designed as a nice, green outdoor space for the approximately 1.000 new residents. A green environment contributes to a pleasant living environment and the roof ensures that residents have less noise pollution from the A30 .

Adding 2.834 m2 of green space on the roof is the first puzzle piece of the landscaping in this part of the Central Innovation District. The next part is the green layout of the Maria Stuartplein next to the residential towers. A public pocket park has also been included in the plans for the redevelopment of the Royal Conservatoire location. And a plan for further greening of the Princess Beatrixlaan is in preparation.

The costs for the covering of this part of the Utrechtsebaan have risen sharply. That is why Alderman Mulder has promised that there will soon be a picture of the cohesion of the park at Maria Stuartplein and the greater ambition to cover the Utrechtsebaan with a city park on it.

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