The Hague has been since June 04100217 a cycle richer and not just one! Kringloop de Kerketuinen is spacious, the items are well preselected and you can enjoy a cup of coffee. In addition to the hidden gems that you can find here, you will also find special employees.

The cycle is part of the participation, care and welfare organization Hart voor Werk. Here, people with acquired brain injury or people with a distance to the labor market are given a place to find their place again in society.

Non-congenital brain injury

Why Hart voor Werk started this cycle? “The cycle is a resource for us,” explains one of the founders. “I have been working in healthcare for twenty years and missed a workplace for people with acquired brain injury (NAH). NAH is an injury to the brain that you sustain over the course of life. So you are not born with it. The injury can change a person’s behavior and functioning. With NAH you are often not who you used to be.”

“I wanted to create a place where they get a new chance. People with NAH can, for example, learn occupational skills with us under professional guidance. We ensure that this matches their interests. They are also (again) at the center of society through a meaningful day filling in and contact with other people. With us they come into contact with fellow sufferers and non-sufferers. Together they get to work and talk.”

Everything under one roof

Heart for Work consists of two floors: downstairs you will find the cycle, which also serves as a daytime place for clients. You will also find Partici Kitchen here: a place to make contact with each other and drink a cup of coffee.

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The recreational daytime activities are located on the first floor. Sporting and creative activities are organized there for people with NAH. Think of sports and exercise, painting, yoga and much more. “The client’s question is our main focus.”

Cycle and care institution

Cycle the Kerketuinen is therefore not not only a place full of beautiful things, but also a care institution. Professional care counselors work with the necessary knowledge and experience. “These are people who are primarily healthcare professionals and who also have a passion for the store. Not the other way around. That is the strength of this place.” Hart voor Werk is a HKZ certified care organization and a recognized training company.

Future perspective

“We also work with experts by experience. There are a number of people working with NAH, no longer as clients but really as their job. That is also nice for the clients, because this way they can see that they can also participate in society again as they did before their injury.”

Not only the clients are happy with Cycle the Church Gardens . “You never get NAH alone, it also has a lot of impact on a client’s family. It is a drastic situation for both the affected person and their loved ones. Hart voor Werk helps this group of people and their loved ones get back on track.”

Nice selection

Heart voor Werk is very happy with the cycle. “It is all nicely laid out. This was done with an eye on the customers, but also very nice for the shoppers. It’s all a bit more refined. We are very critical of what we sell.”

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Bringing things

Kringloop de Kerketuinen already has a beautiful, large and diverse range, but is of course always looking for to more. “If you bring your stuff here, you give not only the stuff but also the people a new chance.”

You can deliver your items yourself at the collection point behind the store. For large goods or if you want to clear a home or office, the Kringloop de Kerketuinen team will be happy to come to you.

You can find Kringloop de Kerketuinen on Kerketuinenweg 1000 in The Hague. View the site for more information. Click here for more information about what Hart voor Werk does for people with NAH and other target groups.

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