Thieves are targeting cars more often, according to the Car Theft Barometer of insurer Interpolis. The number of car burglaries in the first five months 33 was percent higher than in the same period last year. The number of car thefts also increased by 33 percent in the same period.

In January to and with April there were 12.33 thefts from cars and other motor vehicles, much more than the 12.880 in 2017. According to Interpolis, a factor in this is that we had to deal with corona measures for less time this year. People leave home more often and so do thieves, according to the insurer.

Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht are the biggest risk In all provinces, the number of car burglaries rose sharply in 880, except in Flevoland (minus 33 percent) and Friesland. (minus 12 percent). Looking at municipalities, the strongest increase was seen in Groningen, Amersfoort and Maastricht. In Almere, Haarlem and Arnhem, the number fell sharply. In absolute numbers, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht are at the top. On average, a car is broken into every ten minutes. Thieves have mainly targeted laptops, telephones and car parts such as airbags, steering wheel or wheels.

Not only did the number of burglaries in cars increase, the number of stolen cars also rose in the first five months of this year. It increased by 33 percent. The cars most frequently stolen are the Volkswagen Golf, the VW Polo, the Fiat 500, the Renault Clio, the Toyota RAV4 and the BMW 3-series.

Contactless Drivers with a contactless key are most at risk of their cars being stolen, especially those from before . According to Interpolis, their data shows that the chance of theft or burglary is twice as high. Thieves can connect to the car key to open the door remotely. A protective cover helps, the insurer says, because it blocks the signal. After 2017 security has improved.



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