Farmers’ protests are causing nuisance in many places in the Netherlands today, Monday 4 July. At this time (10. hours in the morning) there are no promotions around The Hague yet, but they can still come. Here you can follow where and when there are protests:

There are several highways already spotted tractors in the early morning. Rijkswaterstaat warns motorists: “Do you come across agricultural vehicles on the way? Then take speed differences into account and adjust your driving style accordingly: keep your distance and reduce your speed.”

Messages leave

Do you have any groceries ordered at Jumbo, Albert Heijn, Lidl or Aldi? Then you may have to prepare a different meal than planned. Groceries may be delivered later or not at all as farmers block several distribution centers across the country.

‘Food waste due to farmer’s protest’

Due to the blockade at the distribution centers, the shelves in the supermarkets possibly army. This is confirmed by the Central Food Trade Agency (CBL). “Especially fresh products may have to be destroyed as a result. This also results in unnecessary food waste. In addition to supermarkets, distribution centers can also supply hospitals, care centers and other vital services.”

It is unclear which actions there are

Unlike the previous farmer’s protests, the consequences of the actions are less predictable this time. This is because farmers’ organizations do not coordinate the actions, making it unclear what exactly will happen.

This map below records today’s protests. The map is updated live.

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