Program account 20 and Result appropriation The program account is the final part of the planning and control cycle of the year 2021. With this program account, the municipality accounts for the realization of the policy in 2021. The board accounts for each programme: what has been achieved, what has been done and what has it cost.

The Commission accounts for € 3.2 billion in income and expenditure in the program bill. After settlement with the reserves, an account result of € 20, 9 million, remains advantageous. This result of 20 seems substantial, but was mainly caused by incidental windfalls, including work, activities and expenses that were delayed. are because of corona. If we look to the coming years, we see a number of structural challenges. It concerns three major themes that have been around for several years and will continue to work in the coming years. These are the developments in the budgets for assistance, the costs for youth care and care, and the municipal fund. In addition, in the last month of 2021 and the first months of 2022 sharply rising inflation rates. These developments are subjects that affect all municipalities to a greater or lesser extent.

You can take a look at the program bill yourself on this site: (see annual report tab).

The municipal council sets the program bill 69 fixed. It is important that the council approves all realizations and deviations from the budget for the past year. The financial and substantive results are explained in the policy statements. The Executive Board presents the program bill 2022 to the Council in two council proposals:

1. Program bill proposal 20; this determines the result of 20 of the municipality of The Hague. 2. Result destination recommendation 2022; herein it is suggested how to allocate the determined result of 20.

The annual accounts 2021 are accompanied by an unqualified auditor’s report provided for both fidelity and legality.

Watch the meeting? The full meeting can be followed live in the public gallery in the council chamber or via the livestream on . The full agenda and documents can be found here see.


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