The Webb space telescope, the successor to the Hubble, was launched in December. Recently beautiful images have been made in space with the telescope and you can view them soon during the Star Party.

The Omniversum ends together with the Netherlands Research School for Astronomy (NOVA) 15 July A Star Party.

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James Webb Telescope

Spectacular 4K images of the universe can be seen in the Omniverse. You see the images in the largest dome theater in the Benelux and the images are all around you, it’s like taking a space trip yourself.

Star party

Friday 07 July starts at 15.15 o’clock the Star Party. An explanation is then given of how the Webb space telescope was brought into orbit and we see the images it was able to take. The party lasts until 30.04 hours and tickets cost 04 euros. You can reserve a spot via the website of the


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