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Published: July 1 2022Last change: July 1 4334

How do you use technology to make a city safer? The municipality and the police are working together with other partners on this question in an innovation hub. The projects focus on monitoring and security, the responsible use of sensors and cameras and crowd monitoring. In this way, knowledge and expertise come together and joint efforts are made to further develop innovation in these important domains.

Alderman Saskia Bruines: “The Hague wants to exploit opportunities of new technology and data for safety in the city. This collaboration fits in well with the municipality’s ambition to handle privacy and information security with care. Within the innovation hub, we will test with more cities what works and what does not work in practice.”

Solutions that are being tested are among other things, monitoring crowds in Scheveningen in a privacy-responsible manner. Agents can also train multiple scenarios in a digital environment at virtual locations in The Hague.

“The innovation hub fulfills a national frontrunner role and focuses on problems that can lead to unsafe situations in the city, such as the nuisance caused by use of narcotics, aggression, noise nuisance and subversion”, according to Alderman Bruines.

Opportunities of new technology“Using new technology enables us as police to improve our work and thus improve safety. We often work together with other organizations that are involved in safety and knowledge institutions all over the world. Because of the many national and international government organizations in The Hague, we tackle subjects such as guarding and security and crowd monitoring,” says Henk Geveke (member of the National Police Force Command). Police chief Paul van Musscher as Unity The Hague says he is proud to be able to fulfill this national ambition. “Especially in The Hague, as an international city of peace and justice, there is a great need to find contemporary answers to current and future issues in the field of security. We are happy to share our experiences with colleagues elsewhere in the country.”

Crowd Safety Manager One of the innovation hub’s projects is the so-called crowd safety manager. This summer there will be a trial with this digital crowds manager at Scheveningen, investigating how digital technology and data can help to manage the crowds in the seaside resort. The digital map shows where it is busy, but also predicts where crowds can arise. So that the municipality, the police, emergency services and event organizations can better anticipate. The 3D dashboard does this by combining a number of anonymous data sources. For example, the system counts the number of people on the boulevard and looks at information from public transport, parking dates, weather forecasts and traffic counts.

Impact Coalition Safety & Security The aim of the innovation hub is that other cities and units in the Netherlands also benefit from the knowledge that is gained. The experiences are shared through the Impact Coalition Safety & Security . This national collaboration between municipalities, police, knowledge institutions and companies is supported by the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG) and Security Delta (HSD).



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