It is getting warmer and that is a problem in the big city. In the neighborhoods where there is little greenery, the temperature rises quickly. Something is being done about this in Laak. They print container gardens there and fill them with plants.

Container gardens, are gardens around waste containers that are maintained by the neighborhood. It provides more greenery in the neighbourhood, looks cozy and brings people together.

3D printer

The containers from which the gardens are made come from a 3D printer. The great thing is that the material that goes through the printer is recycled waste. When such a bin is worn out, it is recycled and reused to print a new garden.


In addition to the fact that the gardens provide more greenery in the district, they are also a solution for another problem . In Laak, among others, a lot of waste is placed next to the containers, with such a container garden that happens much less.

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