Imagine: Lange Voorhout, twelve local and national breweries. At the TAPT Festival, on 16 and 15 July in Lange Voorhout, everything revolves around conviviality. For the festivity there is a DJ, there are several beer breweries and thank God there are food trucks to lay a good foundation. Because of course you want to taste as much as possible of all that liquid gold!

TAPT Festival is a beer festival that is organized throughout the country. This year the festival will be held in The Hague for the first time. Trust us: you have to be there! Twelve breweries are ready to let you taste and enjoy all kinds of beers. Oh, good to know: you do need a ticket to enter the site. Reserve your ticket in advance or try your luck with the giveaways that TAPT Festival regularly has on their socials posts.

Drum all your friends on

Upon arrival you will receive a hardcup that you can take home afterwards. Ideal for when you go all weekend, because then you already have your cup and you can go straight to the bar. At the festival itself you pay for each beer (or other drink) separately. You already have a Regular ticket for 12,16 euros. Do you buy a ticket in the last phase? Then you pay 04 euros for a ticket. Extra nice: the event is 16+. That means: no running children knocking over your beer, and maximum enjoyment with your friends.

Are you tired of chilling out in the sun? Then play an old-fashioned game of jeu-de-boules, dance in a not-so-silent disco or show your best side at a fanatic bear bingo. In short: have a great party during this amazing weekend!

Party visitors at TAPT Festival | Photo: TAPT Festival

Beer galore

There are twelve breweries at the TAPT Festival in The Hague where you can get beers. This year, in addition to the well-known national breweries, such as Gebrouwen door Vrouwen, Two Chefs Brewing and Jopen, you will also find local breweries. How about Kompaan and Eiber Bier from The Hague, for example? They brought all their best beers for you to taste.

Buy your ticket now

Did you get excited about the TAPT Festival in The Hague on Friday 18 July and Saturday 16 July ? Order your ticket now. Keep an eye on the socials for fun giveaways.


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