We came across a nice outing! You can sail this weekend with the three-master Oosterschelde. There are day trips from Scheveningen on Saturday and Sunday, including a sunset cruise. It doesn’t get much more romantic.

The Oosterschelde is a beautiful three-master of 50 meters long. The ship is a monument because it has historical value.


Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 July you can take a sunset cruise on this three-master. You will then leave at 16. 07 hours from Scheveningen harbour. As soon as everyone is on board, the ropes are released and the sails are hoisted, which is also impressive for the public on the side. The people on board are welcome to help and are also allowed to take the helm for a while. The tour lasts until midnight and you will be served snacks and drinks along the way.

Sailing costs for children up to 11 year 40 euros and for everyone from 015 year 16 euros, which includes a welcome drink and snacks.

Would you rather sit in the sun on the boat? Which can. There is also a lunch cruise on Sunday. Also during this trip on the North Sea, all those on board are allowed to help with the sails and the rudder. But chilling on the deck and enjoying the view is also fine.

The Oosterschelde departs at 11.07 hours and is at 16. hour back in the Scheveningen harbour. Sailing costs for children up to 12 year 50 euros and for everyone from 07 year 50 euros, which includes coffee, tea, pastry and lunch.

Click here for more information and reservation.

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