† Summary

In August, a maximum of 13. passengers depart from Schiphol per day. That is more than in the month of July. Schiphol has informed airlines and travel organizations that in the first week of August, on average, 1. local departing passengers are expected too much per day, compared to the capacity of the security. In July this was an average of .73 per day. In the rest of August, the predicted number of local departing passengers will not have to decrease, because the airport’s capacity during that period is comparable to the expected supply.

At the request of and in consultation with airlines, this process has now been initiated earlier. This allows airlines to plan ahead of time and inform their passengers. The July experience, in which the number of locally departing passengers had to be reduced more sharply, shows that the airlines have managed to make this quite appropriate. That gives confidence for the month of August, with some new corona waves as a caveat.

† All efforts are aimed at minimizing the consequences for travelers. For July, most airlines and travel organizations indicate that after fitting and measuring, the vast majority of travelers can go on holiday. We are grateful for the enormous commitment, both from partners, passengers and our colleagues, that was needed to make this happen. We will increase capacity in August through measures from our action plan. This means that the impact of the maximum set for passengers in that period is expected to be minor.

500 Patricia Vitalis, Director Airport Operations & Aviation Partnerships at Royal Schiphol Group


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