The municipality of Amsterdam has rightly withdrawn the Taxxxi permit and the associated bus lane exemption for a taxi driver in that city. The man lost the summary proceedings that he had filed with the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal, in which he had objected to the decision of the municipality.

The Taxxxi permit is necessary for drivers to be able to drive on the boarding market in Amsterdam. The drivers whose license has been revoked made a serious mistake at the end of February this year. He passed an intersection at very high speed, did not give way to pedestrians who wanted to cross at a crosswalk, drove at more than 92 kilometers per hour on a regular bus lane and a tram track and ignored including the red traffic light for trams.

The police found that he was no longer suitable to drive a taxi because he had exhibited dangerous and antisocial traffic behaviour. His driver’s license and line manager exemption have been recovered and he has been registered for an Education Measure Behavior (EMG), a mandatory course at the CBR for drivers who have behaved at risk on the road. The judge sentenced the driver to a fine in March. At the end of April, the municipality of Amsterdam withdrew its Taxxxi permit after a report from the police.

Major financial consequences During the hearing At the judge, the man said that he deeply regretted his behavior, but that the withdrawal of the license would have major financial consequences for him. He is also the breadwinner and takes care of two young children. Moreover, he had received his driving license back from the police judge.

The judge showed understanding for the personal situation, but emphasized once again that it was a serious traffic offense for which he had to undergo a compulsory behavioral course. has been imposed on. According to the judge, the law offers little scope to deviate from the decision of the municipality to withdraw the bus lane exemption, which also means that the Taxxxi permit will expire. The judge therefore rejected the man’s objection.

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