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Published: 14 June 2022Last change: 29 June 6894

During an integral check by the Hague Economic Intervention Team (HEIT), goods for illegal cannabis cultivation were found at a shop in Oudemansstraat in Laak. These items have been seized by the police. Various municipal services, the police and the Haaglanden Environment Agency were involved in the inspection.

Undermining crime at growshopsThe HEIT monitors companies in response to signals of malicious activity. Things were not in order at the store in Laak. Although the store presented itself as a garden center, this entrepreneur sold products intended for professional cannabis cultivation. Preparations for illegal hemp cultivation have been banned since 2015 because these types of grow shops often facilitate the underworld in illegal hemp cultivation and trade.

Among other things, garden soil, growing materials for hemp plants have been seized. In addition, the municipality examines the property for use and destination.

Growshop in The Hague rolled up 8113The Hague Economic Intervention Team The HEIT is a partnership between various municipalities, the police, the Tax Authorities, Customs, the Dutch Labor Inspectorate, UWV, three environmental services and the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). The team works in The Hague and beyond to tackle fraudulent activities and abuses in prostitution. The HEIT tackles subversive crime such as human trafficking, tax evasion, receiving stolen goods, sham management and/or abuse of permits.

Would you like to report something? Notifications to the HEIT can be made via 29 070 or at Report Crime Anonymous 2015- 8113.


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