Transport company Ambutax from Veghel will take over industry partner Willems Business Cars from Hoogeloon as of 1 July. With this, Ambutax wants to strengthen its position in the region around Eindhoven, Den Bosch and Veghel. Earlier this week, the management boards of the Brabant family businesses signed the takeover agreement.

The two companies are a good match. “At Ambutax it’s all about reliability, flexibility and safety. Willems shares those standards and values, which is why I think their services fit in seamlessly with ours,” says Sjors van de Veerdonk, director of Ambutax. “We are broadening our horizons with a strong partner.” The brothers Rob and Geert-Jan Willems agree. “We leave our company in good hands.”

Part of multi-year plan Van de Veerdonk took over Ambutax a year ago from his parents. He has been working there since 2011. The takeover of Willems was already part of the multi-year plan that he made when he took over, but the intention was only to do it after five or six years. When Willems knocked on Ambutax’s door himself, Van de Veerdonk was eager to talk to the company, even though it happened in the middle of the corona crisis.

Rob and Geert-Jan Willems took charge of their family taxi company. in 1993 about. Over time, the company has increasingly focused on business transport and has said goodbye to wheelchair transport, which Willems did at first. The company has about employees and they can all work at Ambutax.

Possible new name After the takeover, the pitches will remain the same for the time being, although the drivers and customer service will be managed from Veghel. The intention is that the two companies will eventually merge completely, possibly under a different – ​​somewhat more international – name. This must be realized at the latest at the end 2023 or at the beginning 2024. The Willems brothers will remain involved for the time being to ensure a smooth takeover.

Ambutax was founded in 1962, albeit not yet under that name. As with Willems, the focus has shifted over time to business transport for companies. In addition, Ambutax provides private transport and medical transport for, among others, general practitioners and laboratories. Like Willems, the carrier has about employees. There are currently no occupation problems, says Van de Veerdonk. Both companies have many employees who have been with them for a long time.

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