Is there already light on the horizon for home seekers? That is still the question if you look at the level of the housing shortage. It also remains an issue in The Hague.

Nationally there are 390. housing shortage, according to the new Atlas for Municipalities. This means that the housing shortage is much higher than indicated by the Ministry of the Interior: it concerns 145. addresses more. With these numbers, the housing crisis may only be in 2021 dissolved.

Dwelling pressure and housing shortage

The researchers expressed the level of the housing shortage in housing pressure. This number represents the number of households that would queue for every 100 homes. Is the number higher than a hundred? Then there is not a house available for every home seeker. The lower the number, the easier it is to find a suitable home.

Housing shortage in The Hague

What about in The Hague? In The Hague, the housing pressure is on 62 per 06 houses. This means that more people are looking for a home than there are homes available. In Westland we see the same number. In Rijswijk, the pressure is higher at 105 and in Leidschendam-Voorburg even on 110.

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