Formation ProcessOn 23 May made mr. JHP Donner confessed that he is the factions of D66, VVD, GroenLinks, PvdA and CDA, i.e. the current coalition parties, have advised to start negotiations about a new cooperation, policy program and financial framework. mr. Donner supervises the formation and answers questions about the process during this council meeting.

Overkluizing Utrechtsebaan First of all, the city council talks about the Council proposal amended scope and design of the Utrechtsebaan crossing with accompanying financial decisions. In 2018, the municipality of The Hague has concluded an agreement with Pro-Vastgoed BV, in which it is stipulated that the municipality will cover the Utrechtsebaan, near the Grotiusplaats. The aim of this is, among other things, to reduce noise pollution and to realize a green outdoor space. In 2019 it has been calculated that the construction of the enclosure with a green interior will cost approximately € million euros. However, the solution that was devised at the time turned out to be unfeasible. The investments associated with the now proposed solution amount to € 20 million. This is substantially more than the previously budgeted costs. In addition to the additional requirements in the field of technology and safety regulations, this is also due to the fact that construction costs have risen sharply in recent years.

Application for an environmental permit The Grace Then the council will discuss the proposal for the declaration of no objections (Wabo) with regard to the application for an environmental permit for the construction of two residential towers with spaces for commercial facilities (The Grace) at the location of the Rijswijkseweg office building to be demolished 30 to A. In 2019 an environmental permit has been requested for the construction of 2 residential towers, called The Grace, on the site of the Rijswijkseweg office building to be demolished. to 60A. The two residential towers have a height of approximately 66 and 150 meters and contain 1.180 rental properties, of which 29% social rental housing and 14% medium-priced rental properties. Within the project are also approximately 2. m² of supporting facilities included for all residents, regardless of the segment or target group, are freely accessible. These facilities are located in the plinth of the building and consist of light catering, services and other commercial facilities, which are connected by an atrium. The building plan was reported to the Spatial Planning Committee on 6 January 2019. Given the nature of the plan, a specific declaration of no objections is required for this construction plan. In this meeting, the city council discusses the definitive Declaration of no objections, and a decision is also taken after the discussion.

and family help The further development of youth and family help is the item on the agenda that order. On 23 November 2022 the city council has discussed the Hague Future Perspective Youth and Family Help and established. Five motions were also passed. The Commission has used the past months to elaborate these motions and to translate the principles of the Future Perspective into a concrete outline plan. On the basis of this plan, the Municipality of The Hague wants to build an accessible, effective and affordable youth system in dialogue with its partners in the city. In this meeting, the municipal council takes a final go or no-go decision for this further development of youth and family help in The Hague.

Change of the Waste Regulation 180 The Council also discusses amendments to the waste ordinance . With the present proposal, the Waste Regulation 411 on changed two points. The first is a technical change: the term ‘vegetable, fruit and garden waste’ is replaced by ‘bio-waste’. The second change stems from the evaluation of the implementation of the opt-in system for unaddressed printing (yes/yes sticker). Free local papers are not covered by the opt-in scheme. A free door-to-door paper is, among other things, if at least 10% of the content consists of information about and news from its own distribution area, not being advertising. In The Hague, as in Amsterdam, among others, since the introduction of the opt-in system, new door-to-door papers have been distributed that meet the absolute minimum of % and for the rest are filled with advertising. Hence the amendment proposal to include in the Waste Regulation the percentage of 06% nasty 28% to adjust.

Change of regulation parking regulation and parking tax The Hague 2019The proposal for the amendment of the Regulation parking regulation and parking tax The Hague 2022 is the next topic that the city council will debate. A collar arrangement still applies in both the Vruchtenbuurt and the Bloemenbuurt. The aim of the temporary collar scheme is to reduce the extra parking pressure caused by the introduction of paid parking in adjacent residential areas. In the past, these collar schemes were introduced because additional parking spaces had to be built. This has already happened in the Bloemenbuurt. For the Vruchtenbuurt, the extra parking spaces were provided on the Mient. A comparison of parking counts from different years shows that parking pressure remains high and in some places has even increased. It is therefore proposed that the collar arrangements in the Bloemenbuurt and Vruchtenbuurt will take effect from 1 October 2022 into a regular parking arrangement. Initiative proposal The Zuiderpark as a city park in The Hague for all residents With this initiative proposal Zuiderpark Hart voor Den Haag presents fourteen proposals for a better, safer, cleaner and more beautiful Zuiderpark. Initiative proposal Weather fossil advertising from public spaceParty for de Dieren has submitted a initiative proposal that the city council is discussing. With this proposal, the submitters want to ban fossil advertising from the streets of The Hague, with the ultimate goal that residents and visitors of The Hague will purchase fewer fossil products and realize that the fossil industry still plays a major role in exacerbating climate change. Change of the General Local Ordinance (APV) With the proposed amendments of the APV, the scope of the nitrous oxide ban from Article 2: 30 of the APV clarified.

Sell Titan and Bet Reserve In 2018 the city council has decided to develop van De Titaan in the Binckhaven on the Saturnusstraat 86. The council is responsible for the proposal regarding the sale and use of reserve in debate. The combination of the creative activity present in the Binckhaven and the industrial appearance of the area make this an ideal business climate for new creative and innovative activity. In March 2022 the city council was informed about the intention of the council to sell the Titan in the Binckhorst by means of a qualitative tender. The tender procedure has now been completed, whereby the Unknown Group, in the opinion of an independent committee, has achieved the maximum score.

Revolution Initiative proposal Parking garage Bezuidenhout This proposal proposes as a pilot a parking garage in the Bezuidenhout district as a first step towards the much more frequent and regular development of ‘neighborhood parking garages’. This proposal was discussed in the municipal council meeting of June 9 2022. During the vote, the votes were tied. That is why it will be voted on again in this council meeting.

Completion of committee debate Finally, a number of committee debates are concluded:

Letter from the Alderman for Social Affairs and Employment regarding Progress against poverty and financial assistance The Hague 2022-2019 Answer to written questions regarding Minimum 12 euros, also for people who work on commission Binckhorst Answer written questions about the SME-friendly municipality Commission letter: Performance agreements 2022 with housing associations and tenant organizations Answering written questions regarding Entrepreneurs Hofkwartier are fed up with bicycle chaos Answer to written questions about La Cantina Answer written questions regarding Information decisions about public space? Commission letter: Protocol to save trees during sewer replacement New main sponsor ADO Living Letter from the alderman for Finance and Urban Development regarding 13 Progress report Rotterdamsebaan Commission letter: B&W decision regarding the division of Vestia Letter Alderman for Economy, International and Services, regarding Location Policy for events Explanation of the amendment to the Annex Regulation on parking regulation and parking tax 2022 Answering written questions about Incubators BeatrijsstraatWatch the meeting? The full meeting can be followed live in the public gallery in the council chamber or via the livestream on The full agenda and documents can be found here see.


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