The first warm days have already passed, but since 21 June it’s officially summer in The Hague! What is the weather forecast for this summer? Can you go to the Parade, the Zuiderpark or the beach in light clothes or not?

During the last week of June, according to Weather Plaza average 21 degrees. There are quite a few showers, but there are also days when you can take your bathing suit out of the closet. The start of summer is therefore likely to be very changeable.

Higher temperatures

From the beginning of July, the temperature will rise considerably throughout the country. Tropical days will arrive almost immediately, according to Weerplaza. “It may just be that it is warmer than usual for three weeks in a row. A warm July month is in the making,” the meteorologists said. Does this mean that you can actually swim outside? Yes, because according to Weerplaza there are almost no showers.

The summer in The Hague

For the time being, it seems so it should be a good summer! That’s a good thing, because there is a lot to do in The Hague. What did you think about:

  • Sea Heroes Festival

    the Parade

  • Jazz in the Regent

    And much more!

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