Schiphol’s mission is to connect the Netherlands with the world while at the same time reducing our impact on the living environment and the climate more quickly. Schiphol is not for growth for the sake of growth, nor for shrinkage for the sake of shrinkage.

We are in favor of a well-thought-out approach that leads to the intended goal: connecting the Netherlands with the world with an increasingly quieter and cleaner Schiphol. This provides certainty and perspective for all involved: local residents, governments and the aviation sector. We will continue to invest in that balance sheet. This includes a nature permit and an airport traffic decree that is being worked on hard.

Together with the airlines, we will consult with the cabinet to contribute to such a well-thought-out approach. The plans of the cabinet as presented now lead to great uncertainty and much remains unclear. We see that great risks are taken with the quality of the network. Going back to the old sound system threatens to shift noise pollution that is not good for the environment.

It is disappointing that, in deviation from the ambition in the coalition agreement, a decision about Lelystad Airport can only take place in . We hope this can be done sooner.


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