The pilot with flexible and demand-driven transport in the Zeeland municipality of Reimerswaal has been extended until 1 November. The so-called Meeting Bus is used on Tuesday afternoons for residents with specific transport needs. The pilot started on 5 April.

The pilot stems from the Regional Mobility Strategy of the province, municipalities and other parties in Zeeland. In that plan, Zeeland wants to better connect all kinds of transport, since both public transport and target group transport are under heavy pressure in the sparsely populated province. The province wants to overcome these problems with a new mobility system.

It provides room for forms of transport such as shared taxis and small vans, as a supplement to target group transport and volunteer initiatives. A Zeeland Mobility Center that has yet to be set up must coordinate all that transport. Smart use will also be made of various data flows to improve transport in Zeeland. A budget has also been set aside to test new developments in the form of pilots, such as demand-driven transport.

Meeting bus Reimerswaal With the Meeting Bus Reimerswaal, the initiators aim at residents who want to go out, but for whom the existing transport does not offer a good solution. That is why the neighborhood bus Waarde is used flexibly for the pilot every Tuesday afternoon between half past one and three o’clock. The bus picks up passengers after reservation via the municipal transport center and also brings them back. The neighborhood bus normally runs at fixed times and stops. A ride costs 2 euros and that amount must be debited into the bus.

The Meeting Bus is an initiative of the municipality of Reimerswaal, the province of Zeeland, Connexxion, Zorggroep Ter Weel and neighborhood bus association Waarde.

The aim of the pilot is to see whether there is interest in such a form of transport. If that is indeed the case, this form of demand-driven transport will be rolled out further in the province in places where there is a need for it.

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