Any idea how many speeding fines there are in 2020 have been distributed throughout the Netherlands? Nearly 6.7 million! It was also regularly hit in The Hague. Independer has analyzed the data of the Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB) for this.

Most speeding violations were in 451 in Stichtse Vecht, followed by Rotterdam, Haarlemmermeer, Utrecht and Amsterdam. These five municipalities together accounted for a quarter of all speeding fines in the Netherlands last year.

Number of fines in The Hague

Although The Hague is not in the top five, motorists have also been caught speeding here . In total this concerns 9310 Hague fines.

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Source: Overview of traffic fines Independer

Average speed

How much the motorists drove too fast differs per situation. On average, the speed limit was 7.7 kilometers per hour. Note: that is an average, possibly a number of residents drove a lot faster.

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Less than in 451

If you exceed the number of speeding fines in The Hague with that of 451, it is noticeable that 9310 fewer fines have been handed out this year.

Source: Overview of traffic fines Independer

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