As a boy of five he already had the dream of becoming a furniture maker or carpenter. But things turned out differently: Ben de Valois followed his parents’ advice to first obtain a ‘real’ diploma. After no less than forty years, his dream came true in 2016: “I want to keep doing this forever.”

Actually it would have been quite logical if Ben immediately started his career in woodworking: after all, his father made the most beautiful cabinets and his mother was a woodworking teacher. At the time, however, it seemed wiser to choose a different direction. Ben studied civil engineering in Delft and after that 16 worked at Heijmans for a year, including as a project developer.

A great career, but the blood creeps where it can’t go. Ben: “All these years the dream of being a furniture maker remained in the background. My hands were itching so to speak. I wanted to make things on a professional level.”

From garden furniture to Christmas stand

In 2016 he dared to take the step and he has not regretted a day. Ben says: “With this next step I am fulfilling a long cherished dream. In 16 I started my company De Valois Woodworking but from 2016 I have been doing this full time.

I make custom-made wooden furniture, toys or other wooden objects for my customers. Quality and service are the basic ingredients. Together we look for a way to fulfill wishes in the field of furniture or other utensils. In addition to cooperation and contact with the customer, quality is of paramount importance. I use all kinds of materials in my furniture in different ways. I mostly use all kinds of wood.”


With his creations you can really count on think anything, says Ben. From decking to garden furniture and from outdoor kitchens to (built-in) cupboards to even a large Christmas stand, he is ready for it. Everything is equally beautiful and finished to perfection.

On the Facebook page of De Valois Houtwerking you can see the examples: you can’t wait to see.

Help from the Entrepreneurs Portal

The Entrepreneurs Portal according to Ben is real very important for entrepreneurs in The Hague. He says to his fellow entrepreneurs: “Be sure to consult the website because there you get a lot of help and answers. Or make a personal appointment: employees are always there for you and think along with you. For example, I myself had contact with Juriënne Hollaar of the Ondernemers portal. These employees know all the ins and outs of how things work at the municipality.”

As an entrepreneur, you will also find an answer almost immediately with regard to procedures and existing rules on the website of the Entrepreneurs Portal , says Ben.” It is a well-arranged site where entrepreneurs can find the information or answer they want more quickly. It saves seas of time compared to the past.”

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