The transport of the Drecht and Wijkhopper and the transport to the daytime activities in the Drechtsteden is under heavy pressure. That is why Stroomlijn, the director of the taxi services for the Drechtsteden, is now sounding the alarm. The organization asks the 18. travelers using these transportation services for understanding.

Due to a combination of factors, demand is greater than offer, reports the mobility platform. After the disappearance of the corona measures, the demand from WMO travelers has increased sharply, while there is a shortage of personnel on the labor market and absenteeism is high among drivers who drive in the Drechtsteden. In addition, it has become a lot busier on the roads, which means that the taxi vans often end up in traffic jams. “We expect this problem to get worse,” says Stroomlijn.

Especially during peak hours The organization says it all to get the service back to the old level, for example by recruiting extra staff, reducing absenteeism and by devising “innovative solutions”. Stroomlijn is also in talks with the seven municipalities in the Drechtsteden area to look for solutions together.

The problems mainly occur before ten o’clock in the morning and between four and six o’clock’ in the afternoon. During those peak hours, other target group transport also has problems, such as student transport. As long as the problems persist, Stroomlijn advises its customers to order a ride well in advance and, if possible, to travel during off-peak hours.

Tender Streamlijn is in the middle of the tendering procedure for new carriers for taxi services in the Drechtsteden. The transport is divided over a number of lots. The current contracts expire on January 1 2016. The tender period for the tender has now closed. The award will be announced shortly.

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